". . .thought-provocative, deeply curious and calmly celebratory, the magic of Mercier's words could certainly change one's life within a year."   
- Ellen Tanner Marsh, 
New York Times Best Selling Author
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Late actor Richard Bull takes the lead with his real wife!

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100 Video Chapters, 3650 Uplifting Short Poems. 

French Canadian original version.  

And the pen goes on. . . .20 years in the making... 
poetry page # 20,001!​​​​​​​
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“Make poetry a part of every day. 
I promise you, things will line up gently. 
Believe me: the planets have a song."
Jean Mercier, Poet and Film Producer / Director
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10 Books, 3660 love notes
Anxiety or stress one day at a time!
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“. . .sometimes, less is more. 
Jean’s poetic mirror is the creative 
catalyst that can truly change your life! 
One merely has to read and listen. 
Exquisite, portraits in verse!”             
- Dale E. Taylor, 
Former VP, YTV Canada, Programming and Production
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"Extremely endearing and thoughtful, this book will steal your heart."
"A beautiful novel to grow up with."
"Even as an adult, it is a page turner." 

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***** 5.0 out of 5 stars! 
by Japanese writer Junichiro Kuniyoshi 
is coming to television thanks to Mountain Lake PBS (USA)! ​​​​​​​

JEAN MERCIER's writings, films and series have been seen in more than 50 countries to date. 

With the new series "A.J. & The Menagerie" based on the work from Japanese writer and illustrator Junichiro Kuniyoshi, and currently developed for PBS is association with Mountain Lake PBS (NY), among his many clients and broadcasters, we find: Disney Channel (Australia and New Zealand), RTVE (Spain) Télévision Monté-Carlo, Canal+DA and Studio Canal, Lagardère TV division, AB Television (France), YTV, TVA, TV Ontario, TFO (French Network), The Movie Network, Super-Écran, The Knowledge Network, Movie Central, Moviepix. Bravo, Ciné-Pop, CFCF-12 Montreal, and The Latino Network (Canada), the Israëli Broadcasting Corporation (Israël), Beta Taurus (Germany), B SKY B (UK), and the GoodLife Network, the UEN or Utah Education Network (US). 

The productions of Mr. Mercier have also been distributed in Japan through courses of English as a second language with the Global Learning Channel of Sky Perfect TV, in Korea via EBS (Educational Broadcasting System), Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bopthuswana, in every country from the Arab World and many other territories from Eastern Europe like the Ex-USSR, Poland, Slovenia, Belarus and Hungary.

Some of his titles are also currently available on demand with Amazon Video 

Mr. Mercier also produced a few music CDs from the soundtracks of his films. He spends most of his time writing and developing new projects.

He studied in the Film Production Program at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Concordia University in Montreal.

Jean Mercier is Canadian, born in 
La Tuque in the Province of Quebec in Canada and he now lives in Montreal.​​​​​​​

He spends most of his time writing to develop new projects.
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