". . .thought-provocative, deeply curious and calmly celebratory, the magic of Mercier's words could certainly change one's life within a year."   
- Ellen Tanner Marsh, 
New York Times Best Selling Author​​​​​​​
Think like a champion, in touch with the miraculous.
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 What poetry and simple words will do for us or a loved one?
1. It regulates our mood, awakening us to a state of permanent gratitude.
2. We will feel in control, just by making the most of where we are with what we have.
3. It can bring us fast, immediate, efficient changes and results.
4. Works for everyone, absolutely anywhere.
5. Easy to implement a new state of mind, just by looking and finding the beauty in the simple things.
6. It is a personal tool with no interference, available when we need it, always right there inside our heart.
7. It's nothing but peaceful and loving.
8. It puts us back in the driver seat with our feelings.  
. . .  and there is so much more for us all if we open our heart to it!
Believe me. poetry saved my life. 
                I realize now that everything that I did - or contributed to - for the last 30 years was about my friend who committed suicide. It profoundly affected and changed me forever and this journey will likely never end. I have committed as an artist in my professional life, to specialize in "feel good" books, poetry, television productions, films and other creative work. We hope that any of our work - films or books - can also help you and your loved ones to celebrate the love that is right here inside your heart. Please, if for any reason you need some comfort, I want you to know that you are not alone. Reach out to someone, I am begging you. 

                It is OK to ask for help. Everybody goes through hard times. Close your eyes for a minute and think of someone who loves you or someone who made a difference in your life. The rest is irrelevant and you can tackle any problem. Let this love guide you against all odds. Do not hesitate to ask us any question! I always try to answer every email. 

                Hugs good day! 
 Jean Mercier, Poet, Film / TV Producer 
Teachers, students, schools, libraries, social workers, hospitals, etc..
yes, you can use our books with your groups!​​​​​​​
I HAVE WRITTEN 22,000 pages of poetry to date.
What did I write on your special day?​​​​​​​
Life as it should be, living together in harmony.
Teachers! Students! 
Yes, I will meet your group through LIVE VIDEO CHAT! 
What are success, compassion, empathy, happiness, 
a life well lived, discipline, respect, productivity,
peace, friendship, integrity, mental health, self-esteem,
faith, purpose or intelligence
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